Tiffany Dehen


    Patriotic USD Law School Grad who filed lawsuit

    against Twitter, et. al.




    It was very difficult to turn over all the details of what was going on in my life at the the time that I was being harassed, but I felt it was important that the truth about what happened at USD become public. I am confident that once all the evidence is considered that I will be vindicated and I hope it saves anyone else from going through what I did, or worse.



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  • From Tiffany's Desk


    Mr. President of The United States of America Donald J. Trump

    2017 - Parts of 2017 Commencement Speech

    “”Years from now, some of them may look back and ask themselves whether they’ve made the right choice, whether they’ve made the most of the opportunities they’ve been given. Together we have the same mission.


    Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted, but you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. Never ever EVER give up. Don’t give in. Don’t back down. And never stop doing what you know is right. Nothing worth doing ever ever ever came easy. And the more righteous your fight, the more opposition that you will face.


    In your hearts are inscribed the values of service, sacrifice, and devotion. Now you must go forth into the world and turn your hopes and dreams into ACTION.


    America has always been the land of dreams because America is a nation of true believers.


    When the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, they prayed. When the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence, they invoked our creator FOUR times because in America, we don’t worship government, we worship God.


    It is why our currency proudly declares IN GOD WE TRUST and it’s why we proudly proclaim that we are one nation UNDER GOD.


    The story of America is the story of an adventure that began with deep faith, big dreams, and humble beginnings.


    The next generation of American leaders, never ever give up.


    There will times in your life you will want to quit, never quit. Never stop fighting for what you believe in and for the people who care about you. Carry yourself with dignity and pride. Demand the best from yourself.


    The more people tell you that it’s not possible, that it can’t be done, the more you should be absolutely determined to prove them wrong. Treat the word impossible as nothing more than motivation.


    Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. The more that a broken system tells you that you’re wrong, the more certain that you should be that you must keep pushing ahead, you must keep pushing forward.


    And always have the courage to be yourself. America is better when people put their faith into action, pray to God, and follow his teachings. Today each of you begins a new chapter as well.


    When your story goes from here, it will be defined by your vision, your perseverance, and your grit. You will build a future where we have the courage to chase our dreams no matter what the cynics and the doubters have to say. You will have the confidence to speak the hopes in your hearts and to express the love that stirs your souls.


    As long as you have pride in your beliefs, courage in your convictions, and faith in God, then you will not fail.


    As long as America remains true to its values, loyal to its citizens, and devoted to its creator, then our best days are yet to come.


    May God bless the class of 2017. May God bless the United States of America.


    And I just want to let you know that God blesses you and I want to just say you are special in every way.


    God bless you and God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “” Mr. President Donald J. Trump, 2017.

  • Legal Fund

    It's just me against the liberal machine.​


    I am proud to say I graduated law school from USD in July 2016, but was delayed taking the bar exam until July 2018 due to ongoing malicious harassment including, but not limited to, stalking and terroristic threats. This was due to my political views and vocal support of Donald J. Trump and our America First movement before, during and after the 2016 Presidential Election.


    I was targeted at USD Law for standing up for American values, which affected my ability to work and study for the bar. I was interviewed by the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force at my residence in San Diego, CA regarding the parties harassing (and stalking) me.


    I filed a 150 page complaint in District Court for the Southern District of California, and my suit made local and national news. I am reaching out to my fellow Patriotic Americans for donations so I may retain expert counsel, pay for related expenses, and proceed to my day in court.


    Thank you for your generosity and Keep America Great!


    Please support my cause by donation via Venmo @Tiffany-Dehen


    or use PayPal below

  • About Me

    I am a true American and Patriotic Trump Supporter.


    I am a conservative, NRA supporting woman born and raised in Arizona.


    I am against the biased liberal media and illegal immigration.


    I was one of the few vocal "America First" & Donald Trump supporters on my law school campus.


    I still believe in the American dream.

    Dehen, Tiffany

    What, like it's hard?

    I am honored to say I received my Juris Doctor from the University of San Diego School of Law in July 2016 with a dual concentration for Intellectual Property Law and Business & Corporate Law.


    I learned from some of the greatest legal minds our 50 states have to offer. While attending USD Law, I externed at the USD Federal Tax Clinic, assisting indigent clients resolve tax disputes with the IRS.

    Go Devils!

    Fork 'Em!

    Before law school I graduated cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business Certificate from W.P. Carey School of Business, as well as a Minor in Mass Communications from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

  • Why I Filed Suit

    I was harassed for my views, not supported, not protected, and not respected by my law school administration in terms of basic safety and defamed internationally via Twitter by certain other parties, so I decided to take a stand for all of us.


    Free speech of conservative Americans is being suppressed around the country while illegal speech is being protected by our own government, American universities and big tech companies, which is exactly what happened in my case.

  • America and Family First

    Captain John D. Raikos

    My Grandfather was granted a writ of certiorari to the Supreme Court of the United States to argue to put us back on the Gold Standard.

    John D. Raikos was born on March 8, 1922. John Raikos was a graduate of Manual High School and joined the Army on January 30, 1942. He was part of the original cadre which reactivated the 83rd Infantry Division "Thunderbolts" at Camp Atterbury on August 15, 1942. He was trained in Tennessee Maneuvers, to Fort Benning and came ashore in the Normandy Campaign as 1st Lieutenant with 329th Infantry landing at Omaha Beach, with mission orders to seize the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

    John Raikos served as a combat liaison officer, comm. platoon leader and Regimental Headquarters Company Commander, during the war, promoted to Captain and decorated with the Silver Star, Bronze Star for valor, Oak Leaf Cluster to Bronze Star and OLC.

    Lt. Raikos rode on the lead tank into Cherbourgh Belgium. On September 1, 1944, he and Lt. James Bagley liberated Tours, France, and Mayor Albert Joubert made John Raikos a "Tours Citizen d' Honneur and Grand Marshall" at the 1964 liberation commemoration and parade in his honor. Raikos was also honored with the esteemed citation from Yom H'ashowa Holocaust Remembrance for his role with the 83rd Division's liberation of Nazi concentration camps. John Raikos was the first American to make radio contact with the Russians. The 83rd Division, near war's end after constructing the Truman Bridge over the Elbe and making furthest penetration into Germany by Allied forces, was ordered to pull back across the Elbe. With "permission with disavowal" of his co Capt. Raikos advanced within 20 miles of Berlin and waited 10 days for the Russians to physically link up. He served as Provisional Governor of Deggendorf Germany, before returning home.


    Raikos continued his military career in the reserves, graduated from the Army's Command and General Staff College and retired as Colonel in 1982. Raikos was extremely proud of serving his country and remained active in the 83rd Infantry Division Association, serving as its Judge Advocate until 2003. He was a member of the World War II roundtable. Raikos also attended Indiana University Bloomington undergraduate and law schools in 1950 was admitted as an attorney to the practice of law in Indiana, which he actively pursued until his January 8, 2003 stroke. He joined the law firm of Cook Mendenhall and Bose and later formed, Raikos, Barton, Rochford and Thomas, which became Raikos and Raikos. Raikos was a lawyer's lawyer; tenacious, fiercely loyal, compassionate and always eager to serve as advocate and adviser with generous time and open to all. A warrior and a healer. His soldiering moved to the courtroom and he enjoyed an illustrious and varied legal career, championing causes from "Step 'n Fetchit," one of Hollywood's first African American actors, in his defamation suit against CBS for its portrayal of him as a chicken stealing, crap shooting, slow shuffling Negro, to an original action in the U.S. Supreme Court of behalf of Robert L. Montgomery to mandate Congress to cease deficit spending and restore the gold standard.


    He successfully tried numerous cases which garnered media attention from procuring the release by a tearful jury of a client wrongfully committed to Central State Mental Hospital, to will contest of a murdered bank heiress from 1st Amendment to Sunday Blue Laws and OSHA, and was a pioneer in using psychologists in jury voir dire and selection, resulting in substantial verdicts. He was elected attorney for the Indianapolis Sanitary District and was a founding board member and legal counsel for many years for the Indianapolis Kroger Credit Union (KEMBA). Raikos also enjoyed the coal business with Kentucky Mountain Coal Co. and Western Minerals Corp. and prior to that his business activities as President in developing South Side Sanitary Landfill, American Reclamation and Earth Equipment Leasing Co. John lived everyday to the fullest, each day after the war as a gift. "Time and tide wait for no man." Driven and determined, he raced up and down steps rather than wait for elevators and moved always with purpose and energy. John was proud of his Greek heritage and proudest of all of his family. First, foremost and always he was a devoted son, brother, husband, father and grandfather, never missing the opportunity for a family gathering filled with his cooking, stories and love. His emotions were as transparent as his words were direct. Raikos was a member of the Indianapolis Murat Shrine Temple, Scottish Rite, the Mystic Tie Lodge, American Legion Broad Ripple Kennington Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Reserve Officers Association, Indianapolis Colombia Club, IAC, Indianapolis and Indiana State and American Bar Associations and the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

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